Rob Roy MacGregor

Photo: Glengyle Loch Katrine, Stirling, Scotland, UK by Mr Dirk Jan Pheifer

Janette Gail Francis and her 8th great great grandfather Rob Roy MacGregor


I'm Janette Gail Francis. Rob Roy MacGregor is my 8th great grandfather and I'm also a member of the Clan Gregor Society, unless they kick me out for being too political, just kidding. According to officials from Clan Gregor Society in Scotland great grandfather Rob Roy no longer has any living direct male descendants. I'm descendant from Jane MacGregor and James MacLachlan, both born and married in Kilmarnock Scotland, before immigrating to 1864 Queensland, Australia.


I married William Robert Peters in 1975 Victoria, Australia, he's a Clan Gregor descendant or sept, (saeptum, being under the protection of the clan.) During 1603 proscription the name MacGregor was outlawed, not used for fear of death, so MacGregor clans people had to adopt a different last name. Many adopted names were were retained after the 150 year ban ended. Circa 1604 after his trial in the star chamber Clan leader Alister MacGregor was hung and quartered while still alive under the authority of English psychopath, King James (first) of England's mother, (Mary Queen of Scots) was been beheaded 1587 allowing him to take her throne in Scotland as King James VI of Scotland dying of alcoholism 1625.



King James' I, II, III, IV, V of Scotland were all my great grandfathers, but not discovered James VI is, he is however blood related but like my MacGregor ancestors of the day, I'm not admitting to it easily.


I'm currently located in Adelaide, in the state of South Australia. 


I'd like to make contact with my fellow Rob Roy MacGregor cousins. Be warned you will be required to prove yourself. No wise person would suffer fools or frauds gladly. If you know you're a descendant of Rob Roy MacGregor please email me on janette.g.francis@gmail.comtext or message only to 0490-833-008 within Australia, or international use +61-490-833-008.

Not having a political opinion is in itself a political opinion that expresses your strong desire to maintain the status quo. JGF

Rob Roy statue at Stirling, Corn Exchange Road, near Dumbarton Road
Glengyle House has links to Rob Roy overlooks NW Loch Katrine, Stirling, Scotland UK

My MacGregor family history

Rob Roy 
by Sir Walter Scott

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